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    Residential Projects

    Residential Projects

    HG solar modules combine the best features of cell technologies to achieve best performance levels at your service, which ensures HG solar modules achieve maximum luminous efficiency under real, day to day conditions, even under cloudy skies.

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    Commercial Projects

    Commercial Projects

    With proven track record of reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness, HG solar modules provide with over 25 years effective working time; HG solar modules have paved the way for a sustainable and cleaner future for commercial usage.

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    Utility Projects

    HG solar module, stand through extreme weather conditions and acid-base climate, due to its incredible durability and intelligent design; HG solar modules are packed with features that have rapidly made them a favorite for solar modules around the globe utility projects.

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A New Era in Solar Power is Here

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Unlimited possibility
for flexible module



Weight 7.5Kg; thick 3mm

Bending Radius 0.5m

The power up to 205W/m2

flex pv panel
Rollable solar panel
all black flexible solar panel
flex pv panel

We think a lot!

"Whether in hot and sunny desert areas, saline-alkali areas, or in polar regions with cold, rainy and hailstorms, our solar modules can adapt to various climates and ensure reliable operation under any conditions. Our products adopt the most advanced materials and technologies, have the characteristics of high efficiency and long life, can maintain a high level of power output in long-term use, and are also soft, bendable, and self-adaptive, suitable for Installation requirements of all shapes and sizes."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flexible solar module?

Flexible Solar Module is a flexible solar panel that can be bent and formed into different shapes as needed to suit different surfaces and application environments.

What is the difference between flexible solar modules and traditional solar panels?

Conventional solar panels are usually made of brittle and hard silicon crystals, a material that is difficult to bend and deform and requires a flat surface for installation. The flexible modules use flexible materials, such as polyimide, organic matter, etc., which can be bent and formed into different shapes according to needs.

What are the advantages of flexible solar modules?

Can be adapted to different surfaces and application environments.It can reduce the risk of damage to the panel during transportation and installation.

What are the application fields of flexible solar modules?

Portable devices: such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.Textiles: such as clothing, tents, backpacks, etc.Intelligent buildings: such as windows, walls, roofs, etc.Means of transportation: such as cars, boats, planes, etc.Military and space applications: such as airships, drones, satellites, etc.

How efficient are flex solar modules?

The efficiency of flexible solar modules is usually slightly lower than that of traditional solar panels, but as technology continues to improve, its efficiency has been greatly improved. The efficiency of current solar flexible modules can reach about 22%, which is enough to meet the needs of many applications.

Do flex solar modules require special installation requirements?

Flexible Solar module installation is similar to traditional solar panels, but care needs to be taken not to install them on vulnerable surfaces. Sufficient space needs to be left during installation so that the solar flex module can bend and adapt to the shape of the surface.

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