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    Residential Projects

    Residential Projects

    HG solar modules combine the best features of cell technologies to achieve best performance levels at your service, which ensures HG solar modules achieve maximum luminous efficiency under real, day to day conditions, even under cloudy skies.

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    Commercial Projects

    Commercial Projects

    With proven track record of reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness, HG solar modules provide with over 25 years effective working time; HG solar modules have paved the way for a sustainable and cleaner future for commercial usage.

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    Utility Projects

    Utility Projects

    HG solar module, stand through extreme weather conditions and acid-base climate, due to its incredible durability and intelligent design; HG solar modules are packed with features that have rapidly made them a favorite for solar modules around the globe utility projects.

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A New Era in Solar Power is Here

Lower the electricity bill

Going solar is not just great for the environment. It’s also great at helping you save money in various ways. The most obvious way to save money is by reducing your electricity bill from your local utility company.

When looking at investing in solar panels, it’s important to consider your long-term savings. You may start seeing some savings immediately, but your savings will often increase as the years go by.


If you choose to invest in a solar power system, you can also take additional steps to ensure you are taking full advantage of your potential savings. This includes being as energy efficient as possible by doing things like upgrading to "HG Energy Plan" when yours need to be replaced, or adjusting your HVAC and water heater settings.

On top of being energy conscious, investing in battery storage can help ensure that you will have solar electricity available on days when your panels aren't producing enough energy to fully power your home. This stored electricity means you won't have to pay more to your utility to get the power you need.

You can also maximize the efficiency of your panels by using your electricity during hours with more sunlight.

Two other ways you can save money are net metering and time-of-use plans. Net metering allows you to give excess energy your panels produce back to the utility company for a credit on your electricity bill. Time-of-use plans give you the chance to get lower rates for aligning your energy usage around peak and off-peak hours.

If you're ready to install solar panels to save on your electric bills with renewable energy, talk to HG Group today. You can get started with our Free Solar Design and Savings Estimate Tool to see how much you could save by going solar.

Email: info@hg-energy-group.com

Last Updated: April 13, 2023